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iPhone & Android OS update infographic

The Understatement blog compiles a nice infographic of the update history for iPhone and Android OS, highlighting the fragmented ecosystem of Android phones in the wild.

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Mobile advertising infographic: Android vs iOS

And the hits keep on coming. I passed on the tech business one yesterday but this one is more along the lines of interesting information. So here you go.

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Intuit develops NFC Android app for GoPayments

More announcements coming out of Google I/O: Intuit is showing off a “concept” app for NFC on the Android platform. The app will extend the GoPayments service beyond the current reliance on magnetic card readers.

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NFC mobile coupons on Android

A company called Ingenico is working on NFC triggered coupons for mobile phones on the Android platform. The system will supposedly push coupons to a shopper when they enter a store. Mobile coupons have been DOA in the US for a while now but maybe this effort will hasten their acceptance

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Sprint opens up its carrier billing systems on Android

Sprint is opening up its carrier billing systems for Android developers. This will allow developers to integrate mobile payment for in app purchases that are passed through to Sprints billing system and will appear on customers monthly cell phone bill.

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CHARGE Anywhere: mobile payment on the Nexus S

RWW has a post about the mobile payment company CHARGE Anywhere’s new integrated payment system for users of the Nexus S via NFC.

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Saab’s IQon platform

Saab introduced a new concept car based on the Android OS at the Geneva Motor Show this week. Mostly standard navigation and entertainment stuff but they are opening the system to third party developers via an API so that people can develop apps for the car that will be sold in the Saab app store.

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NFC updates in Android Gingerbread 2.3.3

Google is rolling out additional NFC functionality in its Android APIs. It has not added the payment functions yet but apparently will soon.

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Open NFC

Open NFC for Android Gingerbread

ReadWriteWeb has a post about Open NFC from a semiconductor solutions provider named Inside Secure. Previously to utilize the NFC components of Gingerbread developers had use chips from NXP Semiconducters.

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MyFord mobile app and the Focus Electric

Ford announced today the availability of a new mobile app for the iOS, android and Blackberry platforms as well as an HTML5 version that can even be viewed with older feature phones.

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